How to Create Text Message Templates for Business


Save time by pre-drafting messages that you send often and storing them as a text message template. See all Zipwhip's business texting features:

Creating shared messaging templates ensures that all texts sent to your customers are consistent and always on-brand. SMS templates can include emojis and dynamic fields associated with a contact's details to make your communications feel more human.

How businesses are using business texting templates:

1) Common Support Questions - Message templates can be valuable to support centers that spent valuable time answer the common questions over and over again. Create a template that answer their inquiry with a hyperlink to your knowledge base/support center, which will increase customer satisfaction and decrease response time in a cost-effective manner.

2) Appointment Reminder Text Message - Writing a shared template for appointment reminder can help reduce no-shows by up to 50%. As a best practice, we suggest adding your company name, the time of the appointment, business location, and a phone number they can contact you within the body of your text message template.

3) Nurturing Customers - Helpful messages about new products or services can make your brand seem approachable and proactive. These types of message can lead you to more lasting customer relationships.

4) Online Business Reviews - Create a SMS template for customers who are brand loyalists. Write a message template with a hyperlink that redirects them to a customer review site like Google Reviews or Yelp so know where to post a 5-star review for your business.

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